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Buildings Envelope

The proposed making of a green envelope we’ll focus on developing retrofit solutions for existing small and large commercial properties that will deliver energy efficiency and gain peak electricity demand reduction.


Can be  characterized by multiple tenants, a wide array of lease agreements, distributed costs, and multiple decision makers.


The energy profile of these buildings is difficult to characterize and challenging to influence; yet the collection of these properties represent a significant energy saving opportunity that needs to be addressed. 


The overall goal of the proposed program is to develop a cost-effective, commercially-viable, whole-building, integrate energy saving technology, and financing solutions.

By addressing the whole buildings  envelope,  windows, skylights, roofs, lighting (interior, exterior), refrigeration, ventilation, and air conditioning (Roof Top HVAC), and controls to achieve a solution.


These tailored solutions will be driven by a comprehensive understanding of existing and emerging technologies and the market characteristics/constraints associated with box style buildings.

Old & new standard Roof Top Units consume most of your energy bill. Retrofitting them to a hybrid unit by sub cooling will reduce your energy bill & by not replacing them will reduce your carbon footprint. 

Most box style business like convenient stores & pharmacy's have coolers which have refrigeration compressors most likely on the roof. These can be retrofitted with the same HVAC hybrid tower. Subcooling will save real money.

There are products utilizing the best technology to make any roof  a “cool” roof; it is one that bounces the sun’s energy back into the atmosphere, instead of pulling it into the building. But it can’t be just reflective. It also has to have high thermal remittance. City's across the world are now experiencing what is called “Urban Heat Island Effect”.  This one phenomena is a major contributor for Roof Top HVAC Units and roof top mounted refrigeration condensers to consume so much energy to keep customers and employees comfortable.

Windows in most cases is an easy fix. Incorporating our solution with the proper lighting technology windows will become a benefit. 

Smart lighting is now available and can be retrofitted saving real money from the second largest energy consumer. Interior & exterior wireless monitoring and controlled is proven technology.






The proposed approach is unique in several ways.  First, it couples multiple disciplines to utilize advance technology development that is tailored to a particular green market and is grounded by sophisticated business & market research. Second, the survey integrates technology solutions to achieve energy load reductions across multiple building components and systems. Third, it has the potential to produce solutions that reduce implementation and customer acquisition costs by minimizing the transaction and mobilization costs that drives up the cost of retrofit solutions. The value of our approach is in addressing the need for retrofitting existing buildings, reduce carbon footprint and start with a difficult market that needs to be addressed to meet state, federal, and end user goals

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