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Why should you Retrofit?

We have found that in most all cases it is cost effective to retro fit what you now have in place. Most all buildings were built with saving cost rather than saving energy, but in today's construction with the high cost of energy and still going up, it is cost effective to retrofit and save real money at the bottom line of any business. We have proven this as we know most products sold are a one size fits all but geography proves this is NOT true. With today's technology a simple Retrofit will save any businesses hundreds / thousands of dollars. We have also discovered in most retrofit projects the investment pay back is 3-4 years and in some less than 2 years. For this small investment; the savings continue year after year EARNING the business Real Money!

With sales down it makes sense to invest into energy saving solutions. Combining all of our solutions, we can indentify, just by location and business name, the assurance of instance savings once they completed our retro fit  conversion.

Facts for box style buildings with refrigeration as part of their product presentation which includes Grocery Stores and Drug Stores. These are just a few but are considered the largest energy consumer. Refrigeration 36%, Cooling 17%, Heating 13%, Ventilation 3%, Water Heating 3%, lighting 11%. These are national percentages and in some regional areas the numbers go up quick. One size does not fit all.

Just a few examples:

Retrofitting just the old Roof Top HVAC units with a simple energy sub cooling efficient procedure has saved businesses thousands!

With mandated Make-up fresh air always running, a simple retrofit add-on component and fan adjustment will add further savings!

If the store has indoor refrigerant coolers with compressors on the roof, this subcooling procedure can be incorporated into the same HVAC retrofit and generate even greater savings!

Interior lighting in most all cases are outdated, but with today’s Designs and Technology a retrofit into existing fixture housing and utilizing modern smart systems the businesses can save thousands over a short period.

There are numerous ways to address the buildings envelope and all retrofits can be installed in stages.

Federal, State, and Utility companies offer incentives to conserve energy.

Do you know what you pay per kilowatt? Are you charged for midday High Peek Demand?

Remember, turning the switch ON does not have to be painful. With our solution implemented you will increase your bottom line without the sales. This solution gains long term profits.