USA Green Solutions


The USA Green Solution building survey will display the energy and demand savings in a sector of the commercial building market that is currently wasting energy and money. The products and strategies developed and demonstrated in our survey are expected to provide the buildings owners with an overall view of the itemized savings and their Carbon Footprint reduction.

The Funding for this program is provided by donations. The surveys are still FREE because the industry partners have come together to support this programs proposals. A healthy commitment by likeminded individuals in the marketplace to transfer the Program’s research results into a public impact.  

 Survey Results:             Peak Demand Reduction

                                       Annual Carbon Reduction

                                       Annual Energy Savings

A Public Interest Energy Conservation Research Program


Energy Efficiency Improvements for Small & Large Commercial Buildings

In any business, our solution  points directly to the bottom line. In today's market with sales down and businesses shuffling trying to balance the books often forget to take inventory of their own energy consumption. Every year this cost continues to rise. Most all businesses just except this as “the cost of doing business”. This is far from true and this is how we came into existence.  


National statistics and our own research in finalizing so many solutions, all over the USA, we have database our results of  building designs, construction material, lighting fixtures, HVAC characteristics, and refrigeration condensers energy demand. With this knowledge combined with the regional location we can identify, by company name alone, their instance savings just by implementing one or all or our solutions.  


Our mission is improving the energy performance of existing commercial buildings which is essential for reaching the USA national goals for energy efficiency, peak electricity demand, and carbon footprint reduction.

The proposed program aims to address this challenge through an unprecedented collaboration between a large number of technical experts, brought together by USA Green Solutions Organization and its likeminded individuals.

The engineers, LEED advisors, and product manufactures will provide expertise on a buildings envelope; including lighting, refrigeration, HVAC, controls technologies, and a financial management team will provide expertise on finance to achieve market acceptance.

Partners include the energy efficiency programs from state and federal departments, various gas & electric utility power companies, technology manufacturers, distributors, installers, and end-users. 

Our solution program provides a valuable connection to market intelligence, end-use customers, and deployment programs, while our partnership with the manufacturer and distributor organizations provide collaboration on product development, production, and marketing of energy efficient products.

The Homeowner market is one the Whitehouse addressed with an Executive Summary titled “Recovery Through Retrofit” in October 2009. This was the first step to securing and extending homeowners the federal stimulus tax credits of 30%. This report focused on making American homes and buildings more energy efficient presents an unprecedented opportunity for communities throughout the country. There are almost 130 million homes in this country.  Combined, they generate more than 20 percent of our nation's carbon dioxide emissions, making them a significant contributor to global climate change. Existing techniques and technologies in energy efficiency retrofitting can reduce home energy use by up to 40 percent per home and lower associated greenhouse gas emissions by up to 160 million metric tons annually by the year 2020.  Furthermore, home energy efficiency retrofits have the potential to reduce home energy bills by $21 billion annually, paying for themselves over time.

Considering the above information, we at USA Green Solutions came to realize just how much could be saved if we could just target the middle class businesses, small to medium box style buildings, which have the most to gain. Overall our mission is to introduce to these businesses an energy survey report showing them just how much energy is used and only adding to their bottom line as wasted expense. If sales are down we believe now is the time for business to take an inventory of their own wasted energy consumption to save real money and increase the bottom line.

The Whitehouse understands this and without replacing existing energy consumers, Retro-Fitting is the best investment. Thinking Green - Reducing Emissions & Carbon Footprint.

We notify the business and schedule an on-site inspection. We will request utility consumption data, equipment list, and maintenance records if available.


Notice: If this request is for a business or organization not affiliated with the party (business) of interest,  the business being surveyed will also get a copy of the Energy Consumption Solution.